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  1. I find that Vista 5600 boots faster on my system than XP pro sp2, it’s kind of a memory hog though. I think 1GB is the minimum, 2GB is preferred… about double what XP needs.
  2. Another vote for GParted... Live CD ISO linkage goodness
  3. This utility is supposed to work on a second drive or even a remote computer through command line switches... http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html I haven't tried doing what you need, but it works straight up in Vista and it's free EDIT: I just re-read the instructions, it sounds like it will work for you if you can slave the drive and know the name of the Windows directory.
  4. Just make sure "Password protected sharing" is set to off, like in this example...
  5. Funny clip... That was then this is now, it works a lot better than that for me using a $4 desk mike. Not to say it's actually useful but it's kinda cool to open and close apps with voice commands.
  6. Has anyone played with speech recognition in 5600? Very cool if only for the novelty, though I’m not ready to throw away my mouse and keyboard just yet. You can open and close programs, save files, arrange windows and dictate text just by yelling at your microphone… it actually works. Years ago I worked with some blind users on windows 3.1, they were pretty limited in what they could do with good hands and expensive proprietary software. Now speech recognition comes free with Windows. The wonders never cease.
  7. Coco are you using on board Marvell Yukon LAN by chance? If so try this tip from the Longhornblog...
  8. I get a 4.2 rating in 5536 with the box in my sig, the single core 2.4GHz processor being the weak point. This is up from a 3 in Beta 2. On a second A64 rig I get a 1 because of the ATI 9200 graphics… a $33 6200 AGP should be here tomorrow, and build 5600 is @ 85% right now so we’ll see if the ratings change at all.
  9. You might try out the latest version of IE7, RC1... it's 2 versions newer than beta 2 Link
  10. All you have to do is go into administrative tools/computer management/disk management, right click on the partition or drive you want to keep private and tell windows not to assign a drive letter. Your partition or drive will be invisible to the uninformed in the OS you do this in, give them a user account without administrative permissions to be safe. I dual boot XP/Vista and I hide each OS partition from the other OS this way, just so program installations don’t get confused. Edit: sorry, I didn't read the whole thread... what Tylerpestell said.
  11. I’d say your power supply is failing… Make sure all your fans are spinning, including the CPU cooler fan and the PSU fan then clean the dust out of your case. Also make sure to blow some canned air into your PSU to blow the dust out of it, you’ll be surprised how big the cloud of dust will be. I’ve seen a few power supplies do exactly what you’re describing… they heat up and shut down and the only way to get them back online is to unplug them for a minute or two. You can get a new one at Newegg for about $40… There should be a temperature monitoring utility for your motherboard on the disk that came with it, if not or if you’ve misplaced the disk you should be able get it off of the Asus support site. Download Prime95 or OCCT to put your processor under %100 load and check the temps, CPU temp should be under 60c
  12. Good question...
  13. Forceware 88.31 was for Beta 2, they don't work for 5536 as you have discovered. The MS drivers are newer and the only ones working right now. Now that RC1 has been released, I'm sure we'll start to see good drivers from all the hardware makers EDIT: I just checked the nvidia site, the new RC1 drivers are out! http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x86_96.33.html