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  1. WinPE 2.0 simple Ghost Menu HTA

    Very nice thanks for the post much appreciated
  2. Thanks Takeshi I do have East Asian language installed as well as australian and us english so this is what could be causing my issue I'll try without the East Asian and see what happens.
  3. I'n reply to my own question for others to comment. I just spent the last several hours redoing my master image (tidying & adding drivers) and all i had in the i386 directory was the $oem$ folder for cmdlines.txt and syspreped it to see what would happen (after taking pre sysprep image of course) so ... it failed can't find the files starting with c_?????.nl_ ?=number and that goes on with a heap of others it can't find. I don't really understand why and if someone could explain it to me I'd be greatfull.
  4. Hi I've been using sysprep well for a while now with great success and when SP2 came along I had errors on new machines that I deployed. On setup on new machine files from i386 were being requested, which didn't happen in SP1. So my solution was to copy entire contents of i386 from cd to sysprep\i386. This increased the size of the image by 500 + Mb which didn't worry me at the time and I haven't played around because it work. I have an image that does most laptops and desktops but with dual cores now coming into our newly purchased list I am needed to redo master image and driver directory is growing bigger. i386 & drivers now nearly 1 Gb ...this needs to be smaller as i like to keep ghost image <2Gb So my question is: Is this needed can I cut down or cut it out? what is the general feeling on this one any advise greatly appreciated. Jinky