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  1. what does /f does?
  2. Hi, may i know if it is possible to check if a process is running? like say i have a file asd.txt and i want to check if it is opened
  3. cool thanks
  4. Hi, Thanks a lot btw how do i set the current directory to a variable? i thought a dot would represent the current folder however set thisfolder=. gave me literally a dot, is there a way around it?
  5. how do i echo | character? i tried echo | and echo || and echo \| but all doesn't work. please help me thanks
  6. hi thanks, but can we omit >nul?
  7. hi thanks a lot, erm mind explaining? cause im a noob thx i know dir /s /b c:\*.abc is to find the file but what does >c:\dir.txt does?
  8. hi, can someone help me with this userinterface changing? under bitmap, i can only see 100, 102 to 114, 119, and 121 to 127. i cant seem to find 001 and the rest to change the login screen. how should i go about doing it?
  9. hi, in batch using start we can open files like start /max abc.txt. may i know how do we do the opposite? that is closing the file abc.txt
  10. hi may i ask, how do we go about detecting a file with the extension let's say .abc in all folders of c:\ drive? i tried if exist c:\*.abc echo detected however this only checks for the root folder and not the subfolders.