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  1. hi there, i've just tried about 23+ times without success... i have a MSI k8Neo3F Nforce4-4X with AMD64 2800+, socket 754, Supertalent 1GB RAM DDR400, a ATi Radeon X600 with 256mb Pci-ex, and (pay attention) 1 HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 120gb SATA on channel 1, and 1 Hitachi HDS728080PLAT20 80GB PATA133 HDD alone on primary as master, both in RAID0 mode and "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10A DVD-RW DL (LG)", i've been using WinXP SP2 with the provided g72-NVSA041 floppy drive for a long time, and i start to trying out to integrate the RAID/SATA drivers into my "Windows uE v5 CD" without success... the system recognizes the RAID0 on text mode, and when on GUI mode the systems installs normally, but just after shows a light blue screen after the GUI part, the systems restarts itself and NEVER AGAIN BOOT... i use a DVD-RW because i have wasted too many CD-R... i have tried the nvraid drivers from 6.53 to 8.22 and got the same problem again and again.... i have read the 58 pages of this forum and tried virtually everithing..... ehmm HEEEEEEELLPPPPPP PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEEEE... Greetings Fernando Moreno from Venezuela