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  1. well because of all the functions it has that get transmitted thru the scanning and the memory card have to get a driver strictly for printing only.. i guess it just so happens that something about the deskjet is similar
  2. SOLUTION: 1. Click Start, Control Panel. 2. Click on Printers icon. 3. Click on Add Printer option. 4. Select Local printer (uncheck "Automatically detect.." box) and click Next. 5. Select Add port or New port option. 6. Select the "Standard TCP/IP port" from the list. 7. Enter the IP address of print server you have when prompted. Eg: \\ 8. Select HP as manufacturer and select HP DeskJet 970c or 990c from the printers list. 9. Click Next to install the software. 10. Insert the windows CD in CD drive if prompted. That is everything I was doing originally but using the wrong driver. My All-In-One printer (and most others) are not network compatable...So all I had to do was use alternate drivers..
  3. exactly....student here aswell i do not understand why it wont take the drivers i have when they work fine for a USB connection..
  4. well no matter what .inf file i choose, it shows no drivers.. when i run the linksys setup cd for the computer, it supposedly takes the drivers and sets up the printer for you....but almost immediatly, i get an error in the linksys status console and the icon disappears in "Printers and Faxes" if i try to add the printer manually by IP, i cant find the drivers in the .inf files.. its almost like its not the right driver...but it works fine when the USB is plugged into my comp..
  5. wait...explain some more what you do to the drivers.. is that something that would help me? what does it do? is there a program to do it?
  6. yea i removed everything and reinstalled it once already...what was it that "IrishSurfinDude" did up in post #8
  7. see thats the thing...this printer has been connected to this computer for a year at least and working 100% perfect...everything is already installed..
  8. yea...the CD i have is that driver package just extracted. I've tried every .inf file i've found in that package and nothing comes up when the wizard opens the .inf file...its like there is no driver in it (or at least not a compatable one)
  9. is the IP and we set it as a static IP when i talked to linksys so it wont change.. when i add a printer, i choose that IP and everything and it works fine...then when it wants drivers i click "have disk" and nothing on my cd works..
  10. see thats what i thought but im not sure thats how it works...Linksys kept telling me that an icon should pop up automatically.. one person i talked to had me add a new port as a TCP/IP port and i typed in the IP of the print server...but then it asked for drivers and nothing that i gave it would work. I have the cd for the printer as well as tons of other files i downloaded and none of the .inf files had anything in them (according to the add printer software)
  11. can someone help me out on installing my print server? the printer is HP PSC 2175 the print server is Linksys WPS54G wireless-g communication is fine between the 2 and i'm connected in ad-hoc mode with my wireless pci card (i use LAN for internet) the issue is that no printer appears in "Printers and Faxes" what gives?