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  1. Alright.. The solution was in removing Selfcheck Blocks from winlogon file..
  2. Don't hesistate to try some PS2/Serial keyboard. Maybe it's not USB Keyboard issue..
  3. That's nice... Should I replace word "crack" to "patch" to satisfy the standards? Many people here talk about binary code modification, so where am I wrong? heh. I'm not asking for *warez*. I'm asking for *method of replacement*.. or just for right direction.. By the way: > "WGA Discussions" topic was created by "Insane Clown"... very funny.
  4. Hello. My problem is the activation removal. I have Windows XP Pro with integrated ServicePack#2 (lastest version). I decided to create bootable CD with it. Windows activation is controlled by winlogon service so I used WPA_Kill program to patch my winlogon.exe. I still can't find any methods to replace it. I probed the SVCPACK method - it seemed that WFP overwrites file.. then I tried to compress cracked winlogon.exe to winlogon.ex_ - The installation says that "file is damaged". Is anybody know the medicine from it?