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  1. Constructive? Don't charge for this. Put a thousand ads in the installer (only the installer) and you'll get it back Otherwise, people will just pirate it.
  2. Same here. Images are broken.
  3. Ive been redirected to here to slipstream SP2 and hclarkjr says it cant be done. Any alternative or workaround for this?
  4. Hey I was wondering how do I slipstream SP2 to a SP1 ISO? Not sure if it works
  5. OK from this thread I believe there still isnt one Can someone tell me how I can do it?
  6. There are versions floating around but in the main thread there aint no link. If it doesnt exist with the latest version and if someone can walk me thru it, Ill be more than glad to make a spanish version
  7. Does a version of the Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack exist for Windows that are in Spanish?