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  1. yes i do have it , it's connector #1 ! " JAE KX15-50KLD " , i knew it . #2 yes, but i suppose is not an IDE 44 pins . If i'll have more infos i'll share with all you . For today i had enough
  2. Hi jaclaz, first : thanks for these links ! second : i'll go for a DIY , but recycling a HDD enclosure self-powered . and last : to be honest, connectors #3 and #2 (seem) to be the SAME , (for me) #1 and #2 are not ... only if you can find the specifications , i've tried googling for 2 hours and nothing . ps : sure i am not joking , because YOU are looking around l.e:link have a nice time !
  3. Hello, because of my HP's dv9810us (dv9700) motherboard, now the ODD TS-L632N is no longer working internally , so i have to buy an adapter and i have been looking around. And i could understand there are at least 3 kind of IDE connectors , pictures attached and links , that's all i know for now ! Could be useful knowing something more ... link_1 slim IDE type 1 link_2 slim IDE type 2 link_3 super slim IDE slim IDE type 1 slim IDE type 2 super slim IDE l.e.: zip added
  4. Maybe for janandababu is late, but if someone else need it ...... As jaclaz said in this one : we must hexedit the grldr if our cd/dvd/iso is UPPERED ! Open grldr with your preferred hexeditor, find menu.lst and replace with MENU.LST . You can change the path too, if you need it . And i can confirm this one : Once again jaclaz thank you for your endless support and help ! God bless you !
  5. I hope too . I'll give it a try tomorow . Thank you anyway .
  6. @ Yzöwl : " This not intended to upset, but I see a few cases ...... " You don't . The story is that i need it , not very often but i need it . I don't Know&Understand how to do it . And i could see that they are a lot good in this place and i've asked . I haven't done something wrong : ask , be polite , wait , that's all story . Never mind , i can understand that isn't easy even for you . Just forget it . Till nest time All The Best !
  7. @ ripken204 : I don't have it . If i do a right-click on a shortcut(.url) i can see only : open , print , make available offline , .... etc But not " open with ... " . I've tried to make it but doesn't work . As i said , Firefox is the default browser and works fine , and if i try to open it with InternetExplorer just manage the shortcut like a common file and DOES NOT launch the address . Thanks anyway .
  8. You are very kind for replay , but it isn't what i'm looking for . Doing like this i must edit every shortcut . I need a right-click menu / open with ... , or something like this . Any advice will be very usefull .
  9. HELLO ! I tried very hard the last 2 days to have a solution for this " TweaK " , but no way . So , i have the default browser FIREFOX and of course InternetExplorer on my system xp sp2 . When i double click a (internet)shortcut Firefox runs and this is ok . But sometimes the same shortcut i need to be opened with InternetExplorer . I've done almost everything I know to get the solution but no chance . Can you help me , please ? 1000 Thanks !
  10. I want to say hello to all of you ! and tell that i'll still enjoy wxp till b.g. will run linux,than i'll get mac. I live in ITALY for now.