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  1. Any of you test Server 2008 on a laptop? because I was wondering how handle battery life etc...
  2. hello boooggy, thank you for the addon.... but have little problem with wmp11 well is not error or crashes... Well you know when you load a file music etc.. wmp11 pop out and plays right, and than you click on different file again and than wmp11 play the file you just open.. Well once wmp11 is open and I try to open different file instead playing the file I request just adds to the playlist so I have manually double click on the playlist to play the file I open, I didn't have to do that before so what I did was I create new xp cd without using your wmp11 addon and once I windows finish install. I install wmp11 manually by using microsoft installer and wmp11 didn't do that anymore... I use nlite and wmp11 addon 1.45.. what could this be?