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  1. the setup.xml file is so large. Will nero AG say something about that a manual or what?
  2. i will try that for quied
  3. has somebody found the clue how to do that? That works?
  4. When somebody figured out this please post the guide tnx
  5. great i will try that
  6. by me it doesnt work too
  7. Did anyone know how to silent install itunes 8.0.1 tnx
  8. Did anyone know how to silent install nero 9 tnx
  9. its works when you have orig xp cd but when you have vindows vista then you must delete all hdd format full from dos then work the nlite cd
  10. what is with ver 3.5 can someone update that packs with updates for framework
  11. Yes sorry i meen Avicodec to 113 sory for that
  12. can somebody update to 113
  13. can you update to 2.4.2
  14. can you update to Codec 8.3b
  15. Yes great work Im now taking allot time for vista and o2k7 will post a guide