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  1. kool, thanks kof94
  2. Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to use the $OEM$ Folders when using a multiboot cd. any info would be greatly appreciated. Martyn
  3. ta
  4. Thanks mailramk, thats got it to work. Martyn
  5. Hi, Is there any way to disable the Windows Driver Signing Policy during Windows Setup, so that i dont get asked to continue anyway during an "unattended" install Thank You, Martyn
  6. Hi There, I am Creating an AIO Disc, and i am starting off by trying the standard, enterprise and web editions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. Now, Let me give you my directory structure before i ask my question DVD |-ENT1 |-STD1 |-WEB1 |-SETUP |-2k3ent |-2k3std |-2k3web For the questions i am going to use Enterprise In the ENT1 folder i have all the BOOT files, such as SETUPLDR.BIN, txtsetup.sif and so on in 2k3ent i basically have every file off the Enterprise CD My Boot Menu works and everything but when Windows Setup starts, it asks if i want to press F6 or F2 to install SATA/RAID Drivers or run ASR respectively, after that it asks me to insert the Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition CD-ROM into Drive A: My question is this, how can i fix this problem? I have added my SETUPLDR.BIN, txtsetup.sif and other relevant files to this post Files:- http://www.mart3ndo.co.uk/files/msfn/SETUPLDR.BIN - 2K3 Enterprise SETUPLDR.BIN (the ENT1 folder) http://www.mart3ndo.co.uk/files/msfn/txtsetup.sif - 2K3 Enterprise txtsetup.sif (the ENT1 folder) Thanks, Martyn www.mart3ndo.co.uk
  7. I was wanting to use this version as i have seen that once a restore image is created, all you need to do is pop the CD/DVD in and it will automatically restore the computer. I tried Norton Ghost 10 but it wasnt as automatic. Ta, Martyn
  8. Hi, I am looking to use Symantec Ghost 8.0 Corparate Edition with my computer. But i am wondering, does anyone know if it will work with the VIA VT8237 SATA Controller, as this is what i use. I cannot find any help on the Symantec Website. Thank You, Martyn
  9. Hi There, I'm Martyn and, as you probably guessed, i stay in Scotland. I am studying HNC Computer Networking & Desktop Support @ Ayr College. We done an unattended setup today, and i wanted to advance on what we were doing, and that is how i found this site...