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  1. Hello Gurgelmeyer! Is it possible to apply your USP 5.1, without problems, to the version in Spanish of W2K? I need to obtain it supports 48-bit LBA, to the beginning of the setup program of W2K, and this way to avoid to corrupt data in existent partitions (beyond 137GB), when having that re-install W2K for any reason. Greetings! marlei
  2. Hello! I appreciate your prompt answers. Oleg: The utility of is also applied already with W2K+SP4 installed the guy: What you say, is in fact what we all would want I forgot something important: I use the version in Spanish of W2K+SP4 red2k: what do you say? do you know about somebody that has applied it to Spanish W2K version?... will they have problems? Hey Gurgelmeyer !: Is it possible to apply your USP 5.1, without problems, to the version in Spanish of W2K? Greetings!
  3. Hello to all!..I am new here I use W2K+SP4 and recently I bought a Seagate Barracuda ST3160021A (160 GB). I ignored the barrier of 137GB, so I placed HDD how slave in a PC with WinXPpro+SP2, I partitioned (1 primary of 5GB, and in the extended 7 logical units) it and formatee everything in FAT32. At once I transferred HDD to my PC (W2K+SP4), also as slave, and I began to copy all my data in the logical units. Finally, I established it as master, I installed W2K+SP4 (slipstreamed Cd), software, etc. and I turned off the PC. The following day, I pull up the PC and a black screen announces me that it is impossible the access my new HDD... and to my data! Summarizing... I lost many data, recovery working hours, and I discovered that SP4 has support 48 bit LBA, but it is not activated during the installation of W2K... but later and through Regedit. Now, I need to be prepared for when I have to re-install W2K... and lose not data again. I believe that the best solution is to get that the support for 48-bit LBA, incorporated in SP4, comes activated in the setup program of Windows. My questions: 1.- for it serves it the file attached here by red2k? 2.- would it be enough that I edit an ISO of my Cd of W2K+SP4, and do replace this file? 3.- did some of you check their effectiveness? I appreciate your comments, experiences and/or suggestions ahead of time in this respect. Greetings!