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  1. Hi, I have a virus that have disabled my Task Manager and RegEdit. I manually re-enable the tools by remotely editing the registry, and deleting the values in the Policies key of HKU/***USERNAME***/Software/Microsoft/CurrentVersion/policies/System of all of the users. But when I logout, then log back in, it is disabled again. I've tried gpedit.msc, that was no help at all. Happy New Year/Decade, jbitkill
  2. No worries, turned out that the virtual machine was dodgy, installed perfect on PC. Adios jbitkill
  3. Hi, my 'user attended' setup of DELL OEM XP Home is hanging on files such as 'usrlbva.dll', 'kodak_dc.icm' and 'cdaudio.sys' in text-mode setup. I think it has something to do with the 'DRIVER.CAB' file, which contains all of the files it is hanging on. How can I solve this? Thanks jbitkill
  4. Is there a trojan in XPize. My Norton 360 v2 has just detected windll.dll and xpize_logon.exe as this trojan. I have restored it but does anyone know about this problem? By the way, XPize is awesome! xxxx_jozh_xxxx
  5. Welcome to the forums.. Thanks dude, jbitkill
  6. Hi all and thank you for joining me! jbitkill