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  1. Hi I'm trying to create a web form to put on my Shaepoint site. The form is baslicly so employees can submit occurrence via the site and our safety officer does not have to trall through 100's of emails and enter the data manually. I cannot get any of the forms to work with sharepoint, front page etc etc. the submit data feature does not seem to work. Does anyone know of a better way to create a web form that submits to a access 2003 mdb or access 2007 accdb file? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks eyeball, works well and what i was looking for.
  3. Hi guys, I have recently moved, my internet access is via a shared network of which I dont have access to the router, is there any way I can use a Dynamic DNS client to remote desktop or access shares on my pc from work without having to setup IP routing on the router?? Thanks,
  4. Hi guys, I have a MSI M670 lapop with Vista Home Premium installed, everything works apart from Windows Media Center. It loads and the start-up sound plays, but they all I get is a black screen, task manager shows its running and at no point does it crash. Has anyone had a similar problem or know how I han resolve the issue? Thanks
  5. I have installed it on VPC with no issues, it runs slow but thats to be exspected. VPC dose not suffer with as many hardward compatibility problems as VMWare.
  6. I thought it was cool, I will have to keep my eye open for more
  7. Link to Kill Bill Vol 3 Trailer
  8. These two sites should help clear a few questions ref Longhorn Beta's, Backcomb, and other future OS releases such as vNext.,81786,00.html
  9. Well for once BT will be cheeper my god, I do know this when they launch the service the 1Meg will cost what their 512 does now £29 a month and the 512 will go down to what Tiscali charge for 256k about £19 2Meg is getting a bit mad though unless your doing alot of download (probably illigal) there is no point 512 is fine for most home users. The only reason I have 1 Meg is so I have a nice connection when i remote into work.
  10. Dont have a clue mate, I dont work for the telecom/Net side of BT, All I know is I am one of 500 ppl trying it. Sorry, if I hear anything I will let you know.
  11. Looks like I am one of very few that sue BT, I have an excude though I work for em and get my Broadband cheep, I am currently testing their 1Meg service and its rather good
  12. Ello guys, over the past few days I have been looking at getting 4051's networking a bit more relyable. These drivers wont be of use to everyone only those who use SMC EZ Series 10/100 PCI Adapters Intel Pro 100 M Desktop Apapter or Intel Pro 1000 MT Desktop Adapters Download em Here
  13. Hi guyz, One thing that has really started to bug me in Longhorn is that is does not remember password even when assigned to, By this I mean in apps like MSN or even when useing RDC (Remote Desktop Con). Does anyone no how to solve this?? Cheers
  14. Good news for all the Longhorn fans out there, I have just been chatting to a little bird who told me Microosft have put a date in their diary for the Longhorn Beta 1 (August 2004) though as we know Beta 1 for XP was 3 months late. But sometime in March you should start hearing about the new Alpha build and I am sure it will be leaked like all the others so everyone can have a look and not just us special few
  15. Here is a file to remove Windows Msgnr without having to copy/past. Remove Windows Messenger Vaughaag