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  1. This is a known false positive that some antivirus programs are detecting as this trojen. If you go to the formus at autopatcher.com, it looks like they are working on this.
  2. You da man DarkShadows. Just a heads-up though. It looks like your inf for the Office Update Engine is still referencing 12,0,5561,1000 and not 12,0,5572,1000
  3. .Net isn't included with SP3 just like WMP11 and IE7. Probably because a lot of people would complain if they did
  4. This is just a question out of curiousity and not a "when will it be done" question. Any chance that you will be updating the inf's since a lot have them have been updated with newest versions?
  5. Sorry if this has already been asked but I didn't notice it on your list up patches from the first post link. Eventhough it's only one registry deletion, have you looked into KB935957 FIX: Windows Media Player stops responding when you use a Nero burning plug-in?
  6. Does anybody know what happened to the file? Unable to locate the executable from the link from the first post.