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  1. Wondering if you can add Belkin WLAN drivers. They aren't list on the 1st page. Thx
  2. Don't know whether this is a bug or not but when I use the hide.0=1 command to hide a sub command it makes the whole tree disappear. It never use to do this but in the last couple of updates it has done it. Example: [Quicktime 6.5] description.0=Quicktime 6.5 command.0=Applications\Quicktime\QuickTimeFullinstaller.exe /s selected.0 = 0 hide.0=1 Also another weird thing that happens is when i use 2 exe commands. For example installing nero then the nero bonus pack in the same command set. What happens it hangs wihu. ; Sub command 0 description.0=Nero Burning ROM v6.3.1.17 description.1=Nero Burning ROM Bonus Pack command.0=Applications\Nero\nero63117.exe /SN=xxx /WRITE_SN /NO_UI /NOCANCEL /SILENT /NOREBOOT command.1=Applications\Nero\nve2129.exe /SN=xxx /WRITE_SN /NO_UI /NOCANCEL /SILENT /NOREBOOT selected.0 = 0 selected.1 = 0 hide.0=0 hide.1=0
  3. Thx Alanoll
  4. How do you get wihu to run from the [GuiRunOnce] section in the winnt.sif file when wihu is on the cd / dvd? I tried the following but it doesn't work: "..\software\wihu\wihu.exe /skiprestart /skipsettings /usecurrent /autologon" The error message is unable to locate wihu.exe file.
  5. Thx for your help I was using command.x but was trying to remember what I wrote between work and home. Will try Version 2.
  6. Having trouble win *.cmd and *.msi files. For cmd files I used: comand.1=%systemroot%\system32\cmd.exe /c /s hotfixes.cmd and even tried comand.1="%systemroot%\system32\cmd.exe /c /s" hotfixes.cmd but both don't work. With the msi files I used comand.1=%systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe /I messenger\msnmsg.msi and also tried comand.1="%systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe /I" messenger\msnmsg.msi but didnj't work either.
  7. Couple of questions. How do you call wihu.exe from cmdline.txt when you have wihu.exe on a cd/dvd? Would this work? [COMMANDS] "%systemsource%\software\wihu\wihu.exe /skipautorestart /autoinstall 0" The %CDROM% command only works if you use the if exist command first to find cd.txt file right and doesn't work in cmdlines.txt right? Then in the install.ini file you would have: [Environment] SomePath=%SYSTEMSOURCE% To look files/folders on the cd/dvd.