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  1. doesnt work with 6.85, 6.70 and 6.66 works with 6.53 trying to include driver on cd now, ill tell u tomorrow if it worked thx edit: including .inf in nlite. adding 2drivers busdrv and raidclass in textmode (both HDC class) and no ide pnp, is that right?
  2. -yes -yep first time using the raid part -dont think so thx for help
  3. ok just copyed LEGACY folder from 6.86 whql i hitted f6, selected both drivers and then there were my 2 hdd 40go without any raid0.. i tryed with msi's driver and deleted all (5?) IDE driver with nlite but still endless reboot..
  4. -nvraid bios : 4.84 -with classic driver (i will try again to say which one) i got something like: id0: maxtor 80go id1: maxtor 40go instead of only: id0 maxtor 80go btw what do i need to do my floppy disk? legacy folder + ? some1 knows what s the difference between scsi class and hdc in .inf?
  5. hi all got some probs im using 2maxtor IDE in raid0 on asus a8n-sli (bios 1014) the only way i see only one array is only when i use the msi package called "nForce3_4". • WinXP IDE PATARAID driver version 5.52 • WinXP IDE SATARAID driver version 5.52 (WHQL) • WinXP IDE SATA_IDE driver version 5.52 (WHQL) then i integrate these with nlite like this: pataraid_BUSDRV = "NVIDIA nForce Storage Controller (for PATA-RAID required 1)" pataraid_RAIDCLASS = "NVIDIA RAID CLASS DRIVER (for PATA-RAID required 2)" (note there s no sata_ide to integrate and 2different class into these drivers as scsi adapter and hdc type!!??) but got endless reboot after gui install (certainely because of not WHQL and then conflict with ms driver) do u have any ideas ?