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  1. johnny, i think i finally got it all to work when i made sure i was adminstrator status on my windows--using a limited account gave me those issues... hope that works for you
  2. hm. now it's working fine and the only thing different i did was made sure i ran everything at an administrator level (run as didn't even work) something about making a slipstreamed disc seems to require admin level.
  3. i'm having the same exact problem--that screen comes up right after the press f2 for asr.. using a win xp pro dell oem disc-- i've tried using the same disc before w/ previous ver of nlite and didn't have this problem with it. i'm suspecting it has to do w/ the nvidia raid drivers...
  4. "This pop-up message has nothing to do with the driver integration, but with tweaking." I actually get the message very early in the installation (before it even makes partitions or copies files), and it won't let me get past the screen. it otherwise has f3 for an option to exit the installation. to be more exact, it says "please insert the disk labelled win xp sp 2 cd into drive a: press enter when ready"
  5. spoke too soon... altho i have the "parameters are incorrect" messages taken care of, upon installation, i keep getting a "please xp pro sp 2 cd" message. i have the WIN51IP.SP2, etc files in my root directory and I didn't have this problem when installing on win mce w/ nvidia raid drivers.... anyone else with this problem?
  6. oh dam.... after spending way too much time on figuring out my problem, i finally found it. you have to run nlite as an adminstrator instead of a user (or at least that's what solved the problem for me)--the tricky thing was nlite looked like it was running ok w/ limited credentials, but at the end, it needs admin i guess to properly integrate nvidia raid drivers.
  7. Still no go on isolation: using only (without any ryan's or any other mods) mcp61 sataraid v 11.09 with the newest nlite (1.3 rc2)--I think it may be the drivers (altho they are whql certified)--will try older nvida driver.
  8. no go with even just sataraid driver--still get two "Parameters Incorrect" messages during driver integration stage and "insert disc 2" when i try running a burned cd of it...
  9. I've been getting on the 1.3 RC a "Parameter is Incorrect" message while nlite integrates my nvidia raid drivers (the last stage of nlite)-- specifically i'm using: windows xp w/ sp2 oem dell cd ryan's 2.1.5a nvidia's nForce sata_ide and sataraid for 430/410/405/400--Version: 11.09 for MCP61 WHQL drivers that were just released five days ago (1/5/07) anyone else gets this problem? thanks, dk
  10. yeah, it's the nvidia raid drivers that are causing the problems--the two "Parameter is Incorrect" messages i get are from trying to integrate the sataraid and sata_ide drivers, i believe...using rc 1.3 and nvidia's nForce 430/410/405/400 (Version: 11.09 for MCP61) WHQL drivers that just were released 1/5/07 nvidia's nForce sata_ide and sataraid for 430/410/405/400--Version: 11.09 for MCP61 WHQL drivers: i'll also post this in the huge integrate nvidia thread as well... thanks for the help!
  11. yeah, i was suspecting the raid drivers too...altho i've had it work before in the past... i'll try to whittle it down for now...
  12. "If during the nlite process, do you recall _which_ driver it was integrating at the time the error popped up?" it occured while it was processing, more specifically during the time it was integrating the drivers (the last step)--only problem is i don't know which driver triggered the alert, and i was wondering if there was some type of debug log that i can look through to figure it out, instead of manually adding each driver one by one...
  13. thanks for all the help! Here's the preset where it gives me the errors: (it came off the cd that has the errors).. LAST_SESSION.INI
  14. Here's the file from the cd that i burned that had both the "parameter is incorrect" message while trying to integrate the drivers and gave me the "disc 2" needed prompt... TXTSETUP.rar
  15. no, i'm using win xp pro oem version...