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  1. i noticed i did use the 717bef set and i have a acer aspire but i tried 2 enter the key under my laptop but it didn't work what is a slp key ? thanks in advance
  2. Hi ppl i've read the reply's in this topic but did not understand how to or didn't read it i have bought a acer laptop with windows xp hom (probaly royal oem) but acer had taken away 5 gig of my laptop so i formatted the laptop and put that with my windows partition but they didn't add a windows cd or something with my laptop i have a windows home oem version cd from a friend of mine but that doens't work with my key (under my laptop) when i install that one i heard i have found : oembios.bin OEMBIOS.CAT oembios.dat oembios.sig from acer laptop on the internet can i use those files and put in my own key with windows install (or pre activated like my windows was ?) sory if i posted this in the wrong topic