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  1. i have been looking throught the tools on this site i found a app called regtweak but the links are dead i have tried to pm the names next to the post but no reply can someone help with this app many thanks in advance
  2. Links are dead mate
  3. Ok i have a reg file i would love to include in my unattended xp cd but i have no clue how this is done i have seached the tools and found reg tweak but the links have expired so can some one please help me do this manualy and please take it easy on me i am a newbie to this stuff i use nlite to make my disk
  4. This is mine Veiw: ALX Morph You can download it here free
  5. Thanks for the great tutorial this is my first xpbum.rar
  6. Thanks alot all who wrote these guides another great post and my xp is looking sweet
  7. Hello all i am a complete novice to unattended setup's but i have had some success with basic cd following all the great guides on this forum i am now hooked and felt it's time to join