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  1. there's always one!
  2. this should work with most browsers. here
  3. what's wrong with the "print-screen"button? nice one sed,you beat me to it.
  4. nice one piaqt.lol.
  5. very good. :sex
  6. start> control panel> sounds and audio devices> sounds tab,it's in there under "start windows" have fun
  7. nuf said. cheers.
  8. never having used Linux before, i have a question. is it possible to install it on an XP m/c with an option to run either XP or Linux at start-up? i would like to learn a little more about Linux. cheers.
  9. just glue the lids down.(that'll p*** em off)
  10. i'm a plastics fabricator by trade(16 years in the trade) i was making an acid lining tank(line a metal tank with the plastic one i was making,then fill with acid.)
  11. i'm able to say "bollocks" very clearly while burping. give it a try. i'm now working on the alphabet.
  12. "get ya coat,you've pulled"
  13. seen as you have gone to the trouble of displaying them,i thought it was about time i put up one of myself.(believe or not,i was actually working when this one was taken)
  14. nice one MK