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  1. I see, so when the time comes if there are any available updates I’ll create a new boot disk. Thank you. Is there any way to install linux on raid array from scratch.
  2. I don't mean to be too off topic but I have been following this thread since September, and now that I am done building my system I believe I am ready to set up my raptors in raid 0 on my a8n32 sli dlx using only the information in red along with the new version of nlite. However not completely confident as there are still many who are having problems, I am still concerned. With this said, does the recently released nlite ver. 1.2.1 make selecting the drivers from the chipset package and integrating them easier. Also information regarding the option of updating your nforce drivers after your successful raid creation seems seem ambiguous. I have read that it can be dangerous and I have also read that it is a good option to make integrating sataraid drivers easier using older driver packages ex. 6.66. Then update to the newer drivers on the successfully created raid array. Could some one please clarify these few things for me, I would be most grateful and I am sure it would be a great help for all us raid noobs.