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  1. Hello @ all, got a problem, need a solution please ok, i got a new graphics card for my pc, inserted it and did a fresh install of my vista ultimate system builder edition. when i want to activate it, it says the cd-key i entered is already in use and offers me to either enter another key or buy a new one. how ridiculous! and it just leaves me 3 days for activation. in the past, i already reinstalled this vista several times (no hardware changes thou) and it always activated correctly. so is there any fast and nice solution to this problem, should i call the microsoft hotline or am i supposed to buy a new license? thanks -markus
  2. Hi there, i'm running WinServer 2003 and connect to my ISP through Routing & Remote Access, but the internet on clients, esp. dns, is goddamn slow! dns queries often timeout or are not forwarded. i'm not using DHCP allocator. Must i use it, as windows says?? any ideas why it could be so slow? (before i had an hardware-firewall which was dialing, but that one's fubar so i tried the windows service) thx