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  1. cool man
  2. *Updated to version 1.46
  3. v8.318 is out minutes ago ....
  4. this app stops for me on v1.6.474 the cquisition of uTorrent by BitTorrent killed it for me.
  5. w00t! I didn't see this before... THX rado for this app!
  6. I clicked a few randomly,and found some nice ones, TYVM
  7. opera
  8. *Updated to version 1.45
  9. *Updated to version 1.41 thx for any feedback
  10. sorry to here about this. thx for the update
  11. hey rado keep up the good job
  12. Updated to Version 1.21
  13. hello RBCC this is the wrong forum,go here .
  14. Publisher's Description: SubMagic is an application to convert, edit, sync or create movie subtitles. It supports several formats, has a lot of features and functions, is easy to operate and is free. Latest Changes: Fixed an incorrect CR/LF sequence during saving of ASCII files Screenshot: Application HomePage Download: MD5:D1F5B55FD25DC493CCB514B76D4F8E4C RapidShare