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  1. I was using Nvidia RAID 1 for 2 Hitachi drives with my new 680i chipset board from Asus... However I had 2 SATA drives formatted through (Partition-Magic) running off the same mobo controller, on the primary/secondary SATA slots... Anyways I installed windows fine, and everything seemed to be working, except when IN windows, installing any drivers across or from drives OTHER than my ROOT C:\ partition, kept rebootnig my computer, until finally a BSOD cycle, and couldn't any longer boot into windows. ie) I install a sounddriver from e:\ reboot. I install Maya from C:\ and try to place it into e:\ or d:\ reboot So i'm not running a RAID for my main system... SHOULD I? Maybe i'll try, perhaps this method will help me as well,,, I also heard I should ONLY connect the SATA drive i'm going to install my system on, do that, then when windows is installed/setup, THEN I can connect the other drives/connect the RAID 1 array, however I certainly don't want to go through all of that to ONLY have MORE reboots after. Any ideas, or anyone else had an issue of this nature? Oh I forgot to mention, after my windows installtion, each time I would try to reboot from windows, it seemed to shut down my computer in a strange abrupt way... Then each time wnidows was BOOTING up, it would run CHECKDISK for 2 of my SATA partitions but never my main C: partition... MADE no sense. EACH time it rebooted, this would happen!