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  1. msvcr71.dll is a Microsoft C runtime it really has nothing to do with the java other than the JRE was probably linked to it at compile time.
  2. about 12 minutes for me
  3. Sorry for the lateness of the reply, but I wanted to point you to a better option than using a blank file for replacing dll's. Dud! Wayne
  4. that's weird. I've made several iso's with rc8, and all of them installed without a hitch. I wonder why this is happening for you.
  5. I've never been a fan of ffdshow. It's always been second rate when compared to the quality of the actual codec it's replacing. anyway just my 2 cents
  6. I like you, you're silly! </SnifflesFromWBCartoon>
  7. too bad you can't find it anywhere
  8. Martijn, I think the "Add that extra izzee to your" part should be a darker color. I almost didn't see it.
  9. Marijn, I think the text style/location on that image needs changed
  10. I didn't install vision express I only use the burning part of nero. I used a custom nero thing I found in the unattened switches forum and modified it so only the parts I wanted were installed and all the exe and dll's were upx'd
  11. why doesn't it have nero? I just make a copy of the installed nero stuff and reg and copy that in. if it complains of a dll missing put it in the nero dir
  12. you started anoher thread about the same stuff?
  13. Amen to that, Clint. To bad some of my favorite resource and hex editors aren't working yet on xp 64. I am gonna be getting an amd x2 based system hopefully half way through this coming school semester( once grants come through) Wayne
  14. you use minlogon to right?
  15. thus the need for it on his families computer