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  1. I am in the process of building a new computer, I have started out by buying a intel duel core processor, 3.4ghz NOT OVERCLOCKED and a brand spankin' new genuine intel motherboard that has built in sound and graphics cards, the graphics card can utilize unused memory in order to make itself have, lets say a one gig, while your game can run on the other 2 gigs, but that was my money ran out. so I'm workin' to get memory, a couple cd/dvd drives, a couple SATA hard drives, and a nicer case (I have a 100 gig ATA Maxtor hard drive, a cd drive, and an old beat up server case). if anyone has any good ideas as to where things are cheapest that would be great , I already use newegg and frys, but wtvr.....
  2. user, but i dont have a limeted account
  3. Sorry about the wait, here are some answers: (answer #'s corraspond to question #'s) 1. About a week ago 2. Nothing changed before it slowed down, it just slowed down drastically, no firewall or anti spyware or anti virus software newly installed in the past month. I currently have AVG Free, Spybot-Search and Destroy, and Zone Alarm. 3. Yes the problem still continues 4. No the problem does not still occur 5. Yes the problem still continues
  4. hate it can't use tabs, it shuts down on me
  5. problem- I turned my comp on and logged in and I found a process named "System", not system idle, taking up from 85-99% of my CPU, it made my comp so slow that I can't run a game as simple as starcraft without it getting really jerkey in battles. __help_me__.doc