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  1. WMP11 slipstreaming bug/issue

    The files contained in the umdf.exe do get get slipstreamed but the registry settings(from wudf_update.inf)to create the services do not get added for some reason. Attached is a reg file which should add the information for the services.umdf.reg
  2. Error with copying files during XP install

    I just tried beta_k on windows 7 64 bit and encountered no errors. If you have erorrs on other files they maybe corrupt or you might have ram/hardrive issues with your computer.
  3. Corrupted IE7 Slipstream (Win2k Host)

    There is a new cumulative update for IE7 that was released today. (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=827b735c-660b-4723-b688-3297e107153a&displaylang=en). Maybe your cumulative update is corrupt.
  4. c_20127.nls error after sysprep.

    Oops forgot to add the msagent files to that directory. I took them out of the list because I thought they were specific to what i was removing.. Guess not. got to windows\msagent\intl and copy all the dlls from there to the i386 folder. that should fix your problem. I dont have a clue why it breaks sysprep, just how to work around it.
  5. c_20127.nls error after sysprep.

    I have this problem also with my images. To fix it , I did the following: Create a folder called I386. Put the following files in it: 8514fix.fon 8514oem.fon 8514sys.fon app850.fon cga40850.fon cga40woa.fon cga80850.fon cga80woa.fon coure.fon courf.fon ctype.nls c_037.nls c_10000.nls c_10006.nls c_10007.nls c_10010.nls c_10017.nls c_10029.nls c_10079.nls c_10081.nls c_10082.nls c_1026.nls c_1250.nls c_1251.nls c_1252.nls c_1253.nls c_1254.nls c_1255.nls c_1256.nls c_1257.nls c_1258.nls c_20127.nls c_20261.nls c_20866.nls c_20905.nls c_21866.nls c_28591.nls c_28592.nls c_28593.nls C_28594.NLS C_28595.NLS C_28597.NLS c_28598.nls c_28599.nls c_28603.nls c_28605.nls c_437.nls c_500.nls c_737.nls c_775.nls c_850.nls c_852.nls c_855.nls c_857.nls c_860.nls c_861.nls c_863.nls c_865.nls c_866.nls c_869.nls c_874.nls c_875.nls c_932.nls c_936.nls c_949.nls c_950.nls dosapp.fon ega40850.fon ega40woa.fon ega80850.fon ega80woa.fon geo.nls locale.nls l_except.nls l_intl.nls serife.fon seriff.fon smalle.fon smallf.fon sortkey.nls sorttbls.nls sserife.fon sseriff.fon symbole.fon unicode.nls vga850.fon vga860.fon vga863.fon vga865.fon vgafix.fon vgaoem.fon vgasys.fon Make sure to remove the hidden attribute on the files. In the sysprep. inf add the following line to the [unattended] section: InstallFilesPath=C:\i386 That should fix the error messages after syspreping.