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  1. Help a girl out?

    Hi... So, I have just bought myself one of those netbooks, The aspire one d250 720p and i'm trying to nlite my Windows XP professional sp3 so that it won't use so much resources.. but I'm failing miserably. Maybe someone here can help me come up with a preset that works okay for me? I will be integrating Xable's update pack , so I want to strip as much as I can without any complications. I want internet explorer gone, windows update, mediaplayer, outlook.. As much as possible without complications and then install my own replacements. I use these applications: cccp codec pack with mediaplayer classic, amsn, Firefox, Thunderbird, Foobar, truecrypt..Basic stuff.. Not office or anything like that. I want to keep lan and wlan working fine with dhcp etc.. Feel free to ask questions if theres anything you want to know, Help me out, please?
  2. x64 ultimate - How small can the image size get?

    Thank you, but is it possible to get it even smaller by other means? perhaps by removing sxs? and if so, how would i go about doing it? I will integrate all the hotfixes with vlite and leave it at that.. i will not be updating the os itself once its been installed.
  3. x64 ultimate - How small can the image size get?

    Well, becouse, i cant be bothered to download and install the program, get the various hotfixes, integrate and do alot of work only to find out that it wont fit on a cd-r. Its easier to ask and hope that there are some people here who are more knowledgeable than me when it comes to vlite.
  4. Its been a while since i tried vlite the last time, i beleive it was the first beta version and i couldent get the image smaller than 1GB. So, im wondering if the lastest version has improved much since then? and what size i can expect with all the components removed? Thanks.
  5. Hey.. Im using Clamwin which doesent have a on-access real-time scanner. Every now and then i scan my system disk manually, so instead of having every file type ticked off which would take a while.. im going to limit it a bit. Im not a novice and i use common sense, always scanning files downloaded from conspicuous sites.. scripts turned off in firefox etc.. Which file types should i tick off for scanning? so far ive marked off *.exe
  6. Systray program

    Come on.
  7. Systray program

    G'day.. Im looking for a lightweight program that will show the systray outside the taskbar. I plan to hide/remove the taskbar and use a dock program instead, but the only thing keeping me from doing that is the systray, i wont be able to access it. Any suggestions?
  8. Start menu items

    Yep, that works. Thanks!
  9. Start menu items

    Thanks, but that option isnt available to me. It doesent show up under properties/Start menu/advanced.. maybe it does under the normal start menu, but not the classic one.
  10. Start menu items

    Ive managed to remove the search menu by going into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ Explorer and adding a DWORD string called NoFind and setting it to 1 I cant figure out how to remove settings though, any ideas?
  11. Start menu items

    How do i remove the search and the settings menu's from my start menu. Included attachment.
  12. Building/upgrading *Urgent*

    Allright, thanks for everything, you are awesome.
  13. Building/upgrading *Urgent*

    Yeah, it's boxed.. so the vanilla stock cooler will have to do for a while i think, atleast until the need for overclocking arises. But, say if i were to change my mind before ordering those components, is changing the cpu cooler tricky business? Oh, and.. as this is my first time building a system from scratch, got any advice? anything i should be extra careful with or pay attention to?
  14. Building/upgrading *Urgent*

    Hey there, The Mist one is quite good, it has come out best in several tests over here. I beleive it's more then adequate, perhaps even slightly ''overkill'' for my system. How about those other components, any ideas on that? they should fit together nicely, aye? And thanks for your time, it's much appreciated.
  15. Building/upgrading *Urgent*

    My monitor is a Samsung 226bw 1680x1050 I'll be ordering the parts from two different norwegian stores. (Pcutstyr.no/Microplex.no) Budget.. well, i'd prefer to spend as little as possible without severely limiting any future upgrades, this computer should last about 2 years when fully built.