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  1. hi, it seems that this is still the case, is anyone able to point me in the right direction for another source? i have tried google and not found anything as yet. thanks
  2. thanks for that worked a treat
  3. hi, is there any way i can change the start button text permanently in xp? if so how thanks
  4. been wondering how to do that myself, thanks kartel
  5. hi guys, new to this forum but iv been around abit! lol (not wanting to get myself a reputation, of course), but iv just started slipstreaming proggys and stuff to installs, and it seems that this forum is the place to be for this kind of information, iv had a good browse around and found lots of useful info, but be aware cos the questions are coming!! i'm sure that you will all make me feel welcome, and hopefully i can impart some of my tips and tricks along the way as well, nice to meet you NOJ
  6. any one know where i can get the image of the gun toting girl from - i like very much!!! cheers guys
  7. alcohol does not work even though the nw version is supposed to, which version of D-Tools do i need to install? thanks