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  1. Official support for IE8

    I have good news. I testet 5eraph's AddOn and slipstreamed the IE8 German MUI pack into my XP source as well. Now I have a fully slipstreamed German IE 8. Thanks a lot people! I figured that it is not possible at all to install any non-English IE8 on XP x64 as this version of Windoze XP is an English-only release. You'll always need to install MUI packs for language customizations.
  2. Official support for IE8

    Thanks for your effort. At least that's a start I would still like to slipstream the German version of IE8 into my XPx64 source.
  3. Official support for IE8

    Well, I know there are AddOns. But I want to fully integrate IE8 (aka "slipstream") into my XP source. I do not want a silent setup.exe or whatsoever. Does anybody have a hint how to accomplish this? - direx
  4. Official support for IE8

    Hello everyone! I am using an x64 version of Windows XP SP2 and I want to slipsltream the GERMAN x64 version of IE8 into my installation disc. I know there are a couple of update packs for IE8 around, but obviously there cannot be an update pack for every single language-architecture combination out there (I have not found a GERMAN x64 version yet). And this is my question: is "official" support for IE8 planned for n-lite? Will a new version be released soon? - direx
  5. I have the same problem. I have a clean install CD of Windows XP Pro SP2 (German, no OEM!!!). I've downloaded "IE7-WindowsXP-x86-deu" from the MS homepage and integrated it using nLite Final. The folder was CLEAN, no additional hotfixes had been added before. The only thing I did was integrating IE 7 and creating a bootable ISO. That is it. The first part of the setup (text-based) worked fine, but the graphical part simply stopped with the already mentioned error (lasass.exe). Is there any solution for this problem yet? thx, Dan