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  1. HELP HELP HELP HELP I dont find any switches or something like that to install AntiVirus Kit 2006 from GDATA silent! Anybody an idea to realize that! I searched the internet for many hours, but find any way! Many Thx for helping! Shawn26
  2. I still need more help! Nobody could help? Shawn26
  3. I still need more help? Could anybody try it? ThX! Shawn26
  4. It didnt work! No Setup.iss file in root! Another idea? Shawn26
  5. ThX for answer. I will trie it and give answer! Shawn26
  6. Sorry i forgot it! Thought everybody knew "AntiVirenKit 2006"! It is an AntiVirus Appz from GDATA! It has an InstallShield, but if i run it from command-line with the switch "-R -f1setup.iss" or "-R -f1c:\setup.iss" or "-R -f1"c:\setup.iss"" i cant find any "Setup.iss" in my "C:\Windows" or "C:\" Folder! I tried to run the setup with one "Setup.iss" from Version 2004 of GDATA AntiVirenKit! But it sucks! So now i need help to find a method to install the Version 2006 of GDATA AntiVirenKit silent! Many ThX! Shawn26
  7. Nobody could give any tips how can i get this setup.iss or how can i install AntiVirenKit 2006 from GDATA silent? Many ThX for helping! Shawn26
  8. Hey Guys, i want to install AntiVirusKit 2006 silent. I tried to get a setup.iss with the switch "-R"! But if the installation i ready i cant find any setup.iss in %SYSTEMROOT%! Could anybody help me? Many Thx! Shawn26
  9. Could anybody help me install "Instant Copy" silent? I tried it many times but everytime during the installation a window pops up and says that my serial number is wrong! But it isnt wrong. Cause if i install it manually my serial number works at all! Is there a way to install it silent? Many thx for helping! Shawn26
  10. Hello ALL, ich use Alcohol 120% and the unattended installation works, but.... i have one problem. After installation i double click on the icon and alcohol starts up. Initialized the virtuel dvd rom and then the registration pops up. If i ignore this at next start of alcohol 120% the registration comes up! But if did not ignore and enter my serial everything works fine. Could anybody help? Shawn26
  11. But its English not German! Shawn26
  12. I find a really good way to install Adobe Reader 7 full unattended. The result is ... Install Shield Tuner AR 7.0! You can produce a MST File like Outlook and install Acrobat Reader 7.0 full unattended! This is an excelent way i think! Hope could help other people with this problem! Shawn26
  13. Hello all! I will install my PowerDVD 6.0 unattended. I use this entries in my RunOnceEx.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\045 /VE /D "Power DVD 6.0" /f REG ADD %KEY%\045 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\PowerDVD\Setup.exe -s f2"%systemdrive%\Drivers\powerdvd.log"" /f But my problem is that noting happens and no PowerDVD is installed! I cant find the mistake and have searched in the Forum a long time! Found many but nothing what could solve my problem! Could anybody help me? Many ThX! Shawn26
  14. I tried to install Acrobat Reader 7 unattended by using the switch /qn and /qb like Dr. Galvany said. But i couldnt extract it before! I have this file "AdbeRdr7.exe" My RunOnceEx.cmd line looks like this...: "REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\AcroReader\AdbeRdr7.exe /qb or /qn" but during the installation there comes a pop-up with the message that it coulndt find the installation package! Whats that! Could anybody hekp? Many ThX! Shawn26