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  1. Worked perfectly. Thanks.
  2. I'm not sure why I decided to enable that tweak, but I did and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me how to revert it. Thanks.
  3. Worked perfectly. Thanks.
  4. I believe I found two bugs with the Razer/Copperhead drivers. Firstly it seems to copy & compress the files ~43 times; this happens if either the copy cat files option is selected or not. Second bug is that when you select the Provider Disk Structure, it copies and structures the files properly, but Windows bluescreens at the moment you close DrvComp. The attached file has the DrvComp log and the Copperhead drivers if you want to take a look. Edit: A few minutes after I posted this, I randomly got the same bluescreen. So while it was caused by DrvComp, it is quite probable that my system already had some other problem. It would still be useful if somebody could test for the second bug. dvrcomp.bug.7z