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  1. thanks for the tip, e-66
  2. same here, maybe it's my old machine, but opera is faster than any other browser i've used !
  3. like dondamm says, memtest is good utitlity, you can find it here ""
  4. thanks for the heads-up tarun, a top tool
  5. well done ! congrats...
  6. daemon-tools for me too, right click mount image,! navigate to the image, that's no so complicated, (and i am an id***)
  7. you can find out where the page file is, by going to "sytsem properties, advanced, on the "performance, visual effect, processor scheduling etc. press the settings tab, then the advanced tab, down at the bottom you'll see "virtual memory" there is a "change" button there, this will allow you see where the page file is, at present, and move it if you want to.