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  1. I get this error: C:\Users\TheExterminator\Desktop>Decompile.exe test.exe ExeScript 2.1.1 Decompiler 1.1 Error: Unable to locate start of batch file. Probably not created by ExeScript 2.1.1!
  2. But how can i do it so. ???
  3. I have this link : and the last post is : Bugs BunnyJul 31 2006, 08:06 PM Hi zwiebug222! The icl Files go into HFEXPERT. The 7z file contains a folder structure. Unzip the 7z file and put the icl files that are inside WINNT into HFEXPERT\WIN (explorer.icl). The rest into HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32. Finally unzip the reg.7z and put the reg file from the ForHFSLIP folder into HFSVCPACK. The icl Files inside Program Files can be copied to the corresponding folders after install. The reg files for these can also only be aplied after install. Get the latest icl+reg files under: But the HFSLIP 1.7.2 is not have the folder HFEXPERT. Can i make the folder manuelt, or with folder can i do this in ?????
  4. OKay, thanks and sorry.
  5. Why the hfslip 1.7.1 not slipstreamed the update "Update for windows XP (KB942763) ??? Link : Here //Michael
  6. Have sendt you a pm
  7. Tomcat 76 >> i can't not get it to work. I Have try all with IEAK7, and it not helping. Hope you can help
  8. Hmmmm, is not all you CLSID There work, this 2 will not work. ; Folder [HKCR\Folder\DefaultIcon] Defaultvalue=%SystemRoot%\Resources\Icons\Folder.ico ; The Internet [CLSID\{871C5380-42A0-1069-A2EA-08002B30309D}\DefaultIcon] Defaultvalue=%SystemRoot%\Resources\Icons\Internet.ico
  9. the IE branding options is remove now. How make i the IEAK7 "BRANDING.CAB" ???
  10. DNF11 + DNF20 --> HFSVCPACK DNF30 --> HFGUIRUNONCE The files should only be copy to the 2 folders, and nothing more. ??? That's right because DNF11+DNF20+DNF30 are silent installers. Okay, i try that, thanks alot
  11. DNF11 + DNF20 --> HFSVCPACK DNF30 --> HFGUIRUNONCE The files should only be copy to the 2 folders, and nothing more. ???
  12. I have this 3 files : DNF11.exe DNF20.exe DNF30.exe And i make my cd with HFSLIP, but where should the 3 files be places. ??? I don't understand the install note. Sorry my bad english. Hope someone can help.
  13. Hey, after i make the cd and i take the "Classic Start Menu", is IE7 icon on desktop a IE6 icon, and when i click on it, it make a "Shortcut to Internet Explore". But the icon on the startbar work 100%, and make the IE7 icon. I drive with hfslip-1.7.0.cmd. Someone there can help ???
  14. Xp Pro and xp pro sp2 (both english version)
  15. Xp Pro and xp pro sp2