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  1. That is a GORGEOUS autorun menu. However, there is one which just pulls images from the win xp setup file itself. It is just 1 exe file and 1 ini file. Is very nice though, think i will integrate aswell. Thanks anyway If you find it, could you let me know. Thanks
  2. Thats what I'm using but I can't get it to look like the actual windows xp installer. There is one with just an exe and an ini file. The ini file holds the menu and tells the exe where the actual windows xp setup files are. It picks up the menu look from the windows setup but the actual menu options from the ini. I just can't seem to find it.
  3. Hi All, Just a quickie. Does anyone know where I can find a custom setup.exe for the windows installations on my multi-boot dvd as I am having to create one mself rather crudely. There is one that uses the images from within the current windows xp/2003 exe but I am unable to find it, could someone please help. Thanks
  4. Hello Everyone