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  1. I have several CDs/DVDs, each of which contain different disk images & each of which are bootable. I also have a couple of diagnostics CDs, each of which are bootable, but one uses a DOS boot environment & the other uses Linux & FreeDos. I have successfully created a multiboot CD for all the images using DOS (ie not the 2nd Diagnostics disk) using MagicISO, extracting the boot sector for each CD & copying the content from each CD into a separate folder, modifying the AUTOEXEC.BAT file in each Boot Image accordingly. However, this won't work for the lDiagnostics Cd that uses a Linux boot (it's the ****itsu-Siemens diagnosticss disk). What I would really like to do woulf be to create an image (say an .iso or a .img) of each CD, & then have some sort of bootable DVD that could have a menu on the front which would then 'mount' the appropriate image & run it. Is this possible? Any help greatly appreciated.