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  1. The upgrade edition is for people wishing to migrate to vista, while keeping their present configurations. So I'm assuming that the general installation is different from just installing vista on a fresh partition. So, the question is can I use vlite on the upgrade edition?
  2. Ok, So what would you suggest I take out, and what do I absolutely need? How is power management in vista?
  3. OK fellas. Does that mean that I still cannot run vista on my 512 laptop?
  4. Laptop need special programs and consideration that desktops user never have to think about, say for instance power management. I want to install vista on my IBM T42, but I'm afraid that modifying vista will be traumatic for my 512 MB Ram Thinkpad. I like vlite, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to make changes to optimize vista for use on my laptop. My question is, have anybody been able to create a vlited version of vista that run very well on a Thinkpad or other computer with 512 Ram or less? If you have please provide some advice on what I should take off, and what I absolutely need in vista to make vista run flawlessly on my laptop. Thank you very much.