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  1. How do I check it for missing imports? When I try to launch an application (which needs this newer system file) there is an error message telling me that the dll file cannot be started.
  2. Is there a way to use newer user32.dll and/or user.exe files in Windows 95? By newer I mean the Win98 counterparts. I have several applications which would require the Win98 versions of these files (especially user32.dll) and I've come across a program called cff explorer which enables me to change some stuff in a file and there's a section called import directory and there's a list of files which are used by this exe file or dll file or whatever. So I copied the user32.dll from Win98 over to Win95 and renamed it to user98.dll and changed the file name in the import directory section and hoped this would help the application to get started, but it didn't. I'm obviously not a programmer, I don't know anything about it, I just tinker with stuff I don't know anything about so I didn't really expect it to work anyway but is this a lost cause or is there a fairly easy way to get applications to use different system files than the ones they would normally use?
  3. I think it still would be fun to see Windows 95 run much newer software. But then again, it's pretty amazing to see that there still is software that runs on Windows 95. It's still usable, maybe not for internet-related stuff but many other things.
  4. First of all you should find out if there are still Win98-drivers available for your hardware (graphics card, sound card, chipset drivers etc.) and if there are none (which is very likely) forget about installing Win98 on a real computer. If you still want to use Win98, consider installing it in a virtual machine like VMWare Player (it's for free). It even supports USB-devices and it also comes with virtual "hardware" that Win98 can handle.
  5. Well, you don't need a shellstyle to achieve that. Just use the classic folder's view and rearrange the toolbar icons and you get quite a convincing Win95-interface look.
  6. I don't know if this is the right forum but I'm trying to make XP look like Windows 3.x. There is a suitable Windows Blinds theme but the program manager looks like that: But ought to look like that: Obviously the program manager isn't skinned at all and minimized program groups aren't shown as icons but as the things you see in the first screenshot. So I wonder if anyone ever made a program manager replacement that can be skinned and that shows minimized program groups as icons. I guess the answer is no, but maybe....
  7. You can also use the shareware version. Some things might be missing but the start menu is fully functional. There is also a Vista skin (available).
  8. There is already a program which simulates the XP start menu. You can download it here: Object Bar It already comes with a Windows XP skin (all colors).
  9. no thats not what i meant, ive been happily patching stuff like telnet.exe, systray.exe, setupapi.dll and they work fine because they are in How did you do that?
  10. I only thought so because the only resource files I could find were the four above mentioned files (in Resources/Icons) So where is the rest?
  11. It is because only the resources in browseui.dll, explorer.exe, shell32.dll, mydocs.dll and user.exe are patched by the program (not really patched, though, but probably redirected in the registry or something like that)
  12. I never said that after you install KernelEx you will be able to run ALL Windows XP applications ever created. Full XP compatibility will never be possible. I'm aware of that. You wanted problem reports, and I reported problems, that's about it... How am I to know which programs are supposed to work with kernelEx or not? Or how am I to know which programs you are planning to get running in the future? I only named two programs that apparently don't work, Maybe someone should make a complete list of all the programs that are supposed to work with KernelEx so that everyone can try out these specific programs.
  13. You did a very good job, the only thing I'm missing is a way to change font sizes within a theme, i.e. if you apply a theme and select a font size, the überskin theme is replaced by the classic theme. Second thing is a minor issue concerning Clear Type: If you use "Microsoft Sans Serif" the start button looks like this: So, the word "Start" is cut off (no matter what font size is chosen).
  14. It's not possible to install Adobe Reader 9.1 After setting compatibility mode to Win2000 SP4 the installation seems to start and then ends at 100% and the window closes but nothing seems to be installed, no "Adobe" folder in the "program files" directory, no nothing.... The registry solution didn't fix this either. Google Earth 5 won't install either. When not in compatibility mode it says that at least Win2000 SP4 is needed, when compatibility mode is set to Win2000 SP4 (or anything higher) setup doesn'T start. When I doublecklick the installation file nothing happens. P:S. Windows 98 SE (german version)