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  1. Thanks for reporting For the record, what was the hardware you were getting 0x7B on? Sorry for the late reply. As of hardware, do you mean the motherboard only or all the components? The motherboard I'm using is Intel's D865PERL (quite old, yes) with 865PE chipset. And to be honest, I didn't try installing the Windows from the USB stick before, I was just checking if the setup will actually load and it did. But when it came for installing the system I have encountered some problems... But I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post it in. I can't remember the exact message at the moment, so I'll post it later when I gather the full info about the problem.
  2. I was also having the BSoD during the TXT Mode (using Windows XP Professional with slipstreamed SP2, Polish version), but after applying the modified ntdetect.com file the BSoD is no more. Everything seems to work perfectly. Thank you!