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  1. I was hoping to get some ram suggestions. I want to get two, 2 GB cards of DDR2 desktop ram (a total of 4 GB's) on Amazon if possible. I am having trouble understanding the specs. Is 800 MHZ the highest you can get in DDR2 ram? What is considered top of the line in DDR2 ram? What are other important specs to check for? What are the best brands? I kind of like corsair and kingston. Why is most of the kingston stuff double the price of everything else? Since I am sure most people are wondering why the hell do I want a DDR2 ram it is to help my dad. He REFUSES to upgrade his computer.
  2. Where can I find the Windows Server 2000 recovery disks? I couldn't find it anywhere on microsofts website. The only thing I could find was this. Unfortunately I don't have a floppy drive or floppy disks. Is there a way to get a single image file or combine those images into one?
  3. Can I please have some ideas on how to fix this?
  4. Has anyone bought a good external hd recently? If so what type of external hd was it? I just had the WD HD crap out on my after less than a month.
  5. Oops that first one was a case of typing faster than thinking. I meant if you had tried using another device. The "why" is to troubleshoot the port. You have a Microsoft driver for the XHC. See if your board has an updated Intel USB3 driver, if not we can try to find one. Do you see it anywhere in here? I have a Satellite P75-A7200. They make the drivers difficult to find.
  6. No I do not have any other devices in my ports. Why does this matter? Is this what you are looking for? Yes it used to work. I just haven't used it in this computer in a few months.
  7. Too soon! Start from the beginning. Do not assume anything if the OP hasn't stated it already. Need to be specific as this "it doesn't work" description so far is not enough. 1. Is it detected by Device Manager? 2. Is it detected by Disk Management? 3. What is the model number of the drive? 4. How is it connected to the computer? NTFS 1. Is it detected by Device Manager? No. To be extra thorough I deleted all usb drivers and portable devices. It doesn't even try to reinstall drivers. All other usb drives it reinstalls the drivers normally. The safely remove drive doesn't even recognize it. 2. Is it detected by Disk Management? No. 3. What is the model number of the drive? seagate backup plus portable drive seagate srd0sp0 4. How is it connected to the computer? usb 3.0 I have tried all four of my ports with no luck. They are usb 3.0 ports. I also just tried a mac and ubuntu computer and it worked fine with them. Why does it work fine with Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac, and Ubuntu but not Windows 8?
  8. Windows 8 not recognizing my external seagate drive. I have tried to follow every tutorial I can find with no luck. This is a Windows 8 issue. The drive works perfectly on my windows 7 and windows xp computer. This was the most detailed guide I could find so that is what I tried most recently. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Is there a way to not let your Windows OS lock while firefox is downloading files? Some extension or program?
  10. When the modem is functioning properly yes. After comcast reset it I was able to access the login page. But when I reset myself with the reset button on the back of the modem it didn't do anything. I want to know why this happened. This makes me think someone is screwing with me or the comcast technician that installed the modem about a month did something to my router. Since the new modem has been installed I have received 4 dmca notices. This never happened in the previous 4 years I have worked at the office.
  11. Normally when you go to a default gateway of a modem or router you can access the devices admin tool. In my case with a comcast modem I was not able to access the admin tool until they reset it. I wasn't even to access the login page of the admin tool. It kept timing out. What are the reasons for the admin tool login page timing out? I have NEVER experienced this with any previous router or modem. Could someone be screwing with me and how?
  12. What do you mean "test"?A plain USB cable is nothing but an "extension cord", any multimeter would do to check for it's continuity, BUT there are cables that include some current limiting hardware, and there is in practice (short of laboratory devices) no way to check if there is a "leak" or "cross-talk" at high speed transmission. Be aware that there are cables that are "fully supporting" USB 2.0 speeds 480 Mbps and other ones that will only do the slower speeds like 1.5 Mbps, see also: The simplest is to test the cable with another couple devices and see if it works or just get a new one. jaclaz Its not working so I want to know what the problem is. I'm thinking the software sucks or I have a defective cable. Mini usb is an old technology so I don't have any other devices that use it. Most devices not use micro usb.
  13. Can I get some ideas on how to test a usb to mini usb cable? I am trying to use one with my ti 89. I can't tell if I have a defective cable or the software just sucks.
  14. I need some ideas for a windows midi player. I have tried vlc which according to what I have found on google I need fluidsynth. Fluidsynth unfortunately doesn't have any documentation on how to install fluidsynth for windows. I also tried klite mega pack which I am SHOCKED won't play it. I thought it had every codec package. It says its missing a codec or filter.
  15. I have a toshiba satellite p75-a7200 with windows 8. When I hook up my logitech z 2300 speakers it sounds like crap. Logitech z 2300 speakers are very good speakers so this should not be happening. When I hook up my logitech z 2300 speakers to my iphone or my old dell laptop it sounds good like it should. So this makes me think that their is a Windows 8 setting that is messing up my speakers. What settings in Windows 8 do I need to change my make my speakers sound good?