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  1. Heres the new error i found in the setup error log its 0x00000005. Does anyone know what this one means
  2. I know the code but i don't know why i would get that i have no outside security or encryption whatsoever it should install normally i tried it on 2 different iso's using my home premium key
  3. I need help i looked all over the net for a solution and never found anything on this. But when i install windows vista i get a error when it expands the files the error is 0x80070005, and it says it could not access the required files for setup, this happens everytime i do it i can't figure out whats going on Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do to fix this
  4. Yes i got stuck but winsetup.dll if where you bypass this stuff for anyone who wants to give it a try your welcome to i failed (Maybe its just me and vista just wont install for me with 256 i don't know i tried it on 2 different vista iso's and got the same error so i nailed it down winsetup.dll being patch incorrectly but I'm not a pro at these things)
  5. Im new here It is possible to bypass the ram check to install vista on 256mb of ram i done it but it was a bad iso and got stuck with it expanding the files at 27%