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  1. Nah. It doesn't look anywhere near as cool as in the promotional propaganda. But it's one vicious piece of hardware...for a mouse.
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations everybody. I picked up an Intellimouse clone made by Kensington, because it doesn't feel quite as bloated, and it had the extra buttons the Logitech mouse didn't. I think functionality was a fair compromise for how ugly this thing looks. ( picture here http://kensington.com/products/pro_mic_d1463.html
  3. i'm looking to grab one, and wanted to hear some opinions on the hardware you guys use. did any of you ever get one that was a real lemon?
  4. i think i'm going to cry
  5. couldn't he just as easily bought a plane rather than buying all that hardware?
  6. the lockup was dramatically reduced, it only took me about a 1/2 second (pretty much neglible) and it didn't wait for the entire page to download before showing content. i like it. :love
  7. cyberarmy used to have a javascript that scrambled the hell out of your html source so everything was ampersands and numbers. they may still have it up, but hell if i can find it.