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  1. LOL, if you see the above quote I've used 1.2.1 final as well, same issue...
  2. Thanks for the clarification.Here I found the description of a similar problem:;hl=Parameter It obviously has something to do with your driver choice. Did you use the multiple driver or the single driver integration method during the driver integration part of nLite? Try to integrate just the LEGACY subfolder of the 6.85 chipset driver package (no SATARAID and no SATA_IDE) and report, if you get the same message. If you look at my first post, I've mentioned everything I[ve done, including using only the Legacy folder, using various driver revisions (6.85, 6.86, 6.70) as well as the Vista Beta and doing the old method of integrating everything into one OEMDIR folder... still getting the same error....
  3. You should never nLite a Cd which was already nLited or modified by another tool.Take a clean OS source and copy the CD content into a directory of your hard disk drive, then create an nLited CD with integrated drivers etc. The CD I am using is a clean install... no modification whatsoever, just a clean copy from the CD to directory and then using nLite on it... still getting the "Parameter is incorrect" error....
  4. Did you get this error message while creating the nLited CD or did you get it during MCE setup?Maybe your problem is caused by the fact, that your MCE CD is already modified. If you want to create an nLited CD, your source should be a clean OS CD. While creating the nLited CD, and what do you mean by the fact that the MCE CD is already modified... it's a clean copy with no additions other than the SATARAID drivers...
  5. After racking my brain for three days now, I've finally tried everything I can think of. First, let me begin with what I'm trying to do, and what I have tried so far. I have Windows XP MCE (Media Center V3.0), which for this purpose is basically XP Pro SP2 (correct me if I'm wrong). I want to integrate the nVidia SATARAID drivers to my CD, but every time I attempt to do so, I get a "Parameter is incorrect" error (at least twice, when it's trying to integrate the SATARAID drivers). I have tried using various drivers from 6.70, 6.85, and 6.86 to no avail. I have tried using nLite 1.3RC2 as well as nLite 1.2.1. I have tried to integrate only using the SATARAID drivers (no other integration/modification). I have tried using the LEGACY directory. I have tried using the old method (Driver-Suppression/Removal-Method) where I use various files from the LEGACY and SATAIDE folders to supplement the SATARAID folder. No matter what I've done, I keep getting these errors "Parameter is incorrect" when nLite reaches the 'driver integration' step. I have an A8N-SLI Premium motherboard with the latest BIOS and up-to-date RAID BIOS. Please HELP!!!!!!!