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  1. A misplaced or unexpected banner can easily mess up a well coded page in my opinion. I prefer 4uhost.info. No banners at all plus great service & plans.
  2. Just so you know.... a forum uses php scripts & javascripts. Usually up to 300 or more of these kinds of documents. Making a forum isn't easy stuff... But, if you want a forum software, goto one of these: phpbb.com proboards.com invisionfree.com spammer.com and also do a search for: yabb mybb Now that you know what to look for, knock yourself out kid & have fun.
  3. ok so nothing can be done about that... Meh, figures... Anyways, I was looking through my cds & found windows 98SE. Is it supposed to be 120 MBs on the cd? and also if I install it by copying the files to the hd, will it delete any of my stuff? By "my stuff" I mean things like music that I downloaded, edit plus thats installed... etc.
  4. For your solution I get this message: Any more ideas?
  5. Ok, I try to install something and I get this: Windows Installer Installation Wrapper this package requires a newer version of windows installer. do you want to update the version of windows installer on your system? yes - no The WINDOWSINSTALLER-KB884016-V2-X86.EXE file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:NtOpenProcessToken. Searching for it shows that it is in the C:\\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder, so it is definitely already there... Does anyone know how I can fix it??