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  1. i got XP to use ~ 20 MB by disabling almost every service and further everything else.. can't help wondering how that wouldnt work with vista.. gonna try it in the near future anyway ^^ im now on a athlon 3500+, 1 GB ddr, 2*250 GB maxtor, old rig(s) i wanna try it on is a P2 200 MHz and 32 MB ram, 4 GB and 80 GB (lol) the other which i will try it on if P2 doesnt work (likely ) is p3 256 MB ram..
  2. let's say i'd install my nLited vista on a HD on this machine (has the reqs needed) make sure it uses an absolute minimum of memory running, take the HD and put it in another system. got that? so what are the lowest reqs of the system where the vista partition would boot on? technically? it's been done for XP but I dont know if they have done tweeks on beforehand, dont think so... (link)
  3. u hear it all the time, but anywayz GJ nuhi :welcoming myself to the forums: