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  1. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    A year or so has passed, and I decided to give the OS another (quick) shot. Doesn't seem like anything changed. What I can get to with 2-3 clicks in Windows 7 I most often can't even FIND in Windows 10. The new settings is a pure mess. Like even after two hours (I really was determined to figure it all out this time and didn't wipe it from the drive within 10 minutes) I haven't figured out how to get to pagefile settings. OR how the hell do I put "This Computer" to the desktop. That shortcut is not even in the Start menu anywhere. Those are two of the more painful things so far. Basically, I am unable to use the stupid system, because some of the most basic things I take for granted are simply not there, and/or are buried/obscured under tons of garbage I cannot get through. Despite my strong disgust with the OS, every time I install it again I try to approach it with open mind, thinking "It's not THAT difficult. It's just Windows. I've been using it for 22 years. It must make sense somehow." - but NO. It just doesn't. last edit: I eventually got borderline physically sick from the ***** flat design, and after 1) seeing the Calculator app and 2) starting the new Internet Explorer, where I had no idea what was part of the page and what was part of the toolbar, I shut the VM off in pure disgust. No thank you. Keep this crap, Microsoft. I'll keep using Windows 7 for as long as humanely possible. I really tried this time. Didn't work. And I lost three hours of my life.
  2. Is Dism supposed to do this?

    Thanks. That makes some sense. It's not doing it with Windows 7 image though, and it's a symbolic link too. That confuses the hell out of me.
  3. Are there any answer file entries or registry keys for the privacy settings you get to choose if you do not select express settings? Since I'm bypassing that screen with unattended installation, I'm afraid they remain enabled.
  4. I mounted a W10 image and when I checked the folder with all the data, I noticed that f:\mount\Users\All Users\ folder contains data from the OS running on the PC. How is this even possible? What's going on? edit: I am doing this from within Windows 7, but that shouldn't matter.
  5. Network share is pretty clear, no confusion there. I was pretty clueless about a typical USB stick situation. I have since managed to figure it out with the help of setup error messages though. Just putting "install.wim" in there is perfectly enough, because setup already automatically considers the sources folder.
  6. I have noticed you need to supply a path to the .wim now (coming from Win7), but I have no idea how to do that. How exactly do I reference the file? It's in the usual <ImageInstall> section of the answer file.
  7. Just maybe you could actually read the posts here instead of yet another attempt at a personal attack (but I'm not surprised in your case), and you'd see you're wrong.
  8. You don't even understand what am I talking about. 1) I do not have problem with the convenience rollup. 2) I do not install this on live system.
  9. Ok, so the update got integrated successfully, but doesn't appear in the installed updates list after installing the image. I have no idea why. DISM log is of no use, it's over 20MB from just one session. It's being offered by Windows update in its typical ~140MB size.
  10. I don't have problem with the Convenience rollup. I'm talking about the subsequent monthly rollups. Those still show do up in Windows update despite being integrated).
  11. Mount the image, and then using dism /add-package.
  12. I knew this forum was helpful.
  13. I have integrated some basic updates into my image, namely the huge convenience rollup (and whatever it requires), and then the other monthly ones, but for some weird reason one of them isn't recognized and is still being offered by Windows Update. Specifically, it's the other large one, both november (KB3197868) and december (KB3197868) version. Does anyone have any idea why is that? The full list of updates I have integrated is (march updated) Windows6.1-KB3020369-x64.msu windows6.1-KB3125574-v4-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3172605-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3179573-x64.msu windows6.1-KB3185278-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB3212646-x64.msu
  14. I'm trying to force W7 to install with Search, Prefetch and Superfetch completely disabled, so that no indexes are created, and no files ever appear in \ProgramData\Microsoft\Search and \Windows\Prefetch. I apply this to the registry of the mounted image: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\WIM_System\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters] "EnableSuperfetch"=dword:00000000 "EnablePrefetcher"=dword:00000000 "EnableBootTrace"=dword:00000000, and in setupcomplete.cmd I have sc config wsearch start= disabled rd %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Search\Data sc config sysmain start= disabled and yet, the Windows Search service, even though it's disabled, is running after the system boots up for the first time, and the above mentioned folders are ripe with files. I don't know what's going on. Can anyone help me?