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  1. SAV 9 - Symantec AntiVirus 9.0

    I can confirm, It doesn't work.
  2. ERD 2003 unattended?

    I think it's possible but i dont understand why would you want to install it locally?
  3. The /noexecute parameter enables no-execute protection, which prevents the contents of memory pages that store data from being executed as code. This parameter is valid only on boot entries for 32-bit versions of Windows running on AMD64 processors, and only when physical address extension (PAE) is also enabled. (See /pae.) No-execute protection is enabled by default on computers with AMD64 processors when they are running in long mode (64-bit addressing). There are no boot parameters to enable or disable this feature in long mode. More Info
  4. Setup Movie

    How? I would like to know.
  5. Adobe Photoshop CS & SP2

    nevermind i got it fixed with -s switch
  6. Adobe Photoshop CS installed just fine with SP1 with this switch REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 1 /D "%DVDROM%\Applications\Photoshop\setup.exe /s /sms" /f REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 2 /D "%DVDROM%\Applications\Photoshop\ActivationFix.exe" /f But with SP2 it doesn't work, & skipped over to next line.
  7. Yay i solved it myself, 300B worked right off the bat! Thanks for no suggestion or tip or whatoever... what kind of support thread is this? Just kidding!
  8. i guess i'll bump it one more time. EDIT: 310E driver isn't whql signed maybe that's the problem. Checked out my motherboard's site and download WHQL 300B driver & hopefully it'll help.
  9. Bump, Could the Mods move this thread to device drivers? Thanks
  10. found the source of culprit... it's my VIA SATA RAID Controller Driver, altho i slipstreamed the driver and loaded up just fine... but it show up as "SCSI RAID" instead of "VIA SATA RAID Controller" under device manager. Tried manual updating driver, and this solved problem. but I dont want to do this every time I reformat, whole purpose behind unattend is "set it and forget it" I've tried changing lines on TXTSETUP.SIF even i tried So far I still couldn't fix it I'ved tried going back with old drivers but it doesnt work with SP2 (alot of errors and crashing) EDIT: viasraid.sys is old driver, and they changed it to viamraid.sys, dunno why they changed the name.
  11. I used to be able to put my computer in S3 stand by mode in WinXP SP1, but now I'm unable to put it in Standby after installing slipstreamed WinXP SP2. Any Idea?
  12. PROB | ATI DVD-Decoder

    that's where I gave up at this point, lol. Only if I knew how to do reverse enginnering on MSI. Maybe WinInstall LE is the answer? WinInstall LE 2003 - Freeware WinInstall 8 - Payware
  13. you might wanna remove your cd key
  14. well error message doesnt say much. and here's screenshot. EDIT: that's when i double click on reg files so i can test it out. I think it might have something to do with SP2's added security to protect registry but who know.
  15. k here's my regtweak.reg I know it's long but it seem ok to me and it worked on sp1. I guess something is broken under sp2.