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  1. 4th cumulative time zone update for use with HFSLIP

    Hi all, i'm using the latest stable HFSLIP version 1.7.8 and the 4th timeszoneupdate. I'm facing an strange issue with XP PRO SP3 (Gold source + slipstreamed SP3) and the latest july fixes. Everything is ok with hf integration but i'm using sysprep to rescell my installs, and when the setup ask me to choose my time zone, the list is empty : i checked the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones" reg key, it's populated with all time zones. Can i check something else ? Thanks in advance Edit: 1. KB951072 is not listed either by msba or ms/win update. 2. Currently testing on a Rebuild iso without TZ4 addon and adding the latest KB951072 to HFSVCPACK_SW1 it's working -> TZVersion Upgraded To "5" with KB951072, joined a reg export from "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones" if this can help updating the add-on Again thanks for the hard work KB951072.reg
  2. KB943729 problem

    Thanks Similar issue with the vista version !!
  3. Thansk for the script for me it reports errors on the [b]for /f "tokens=1-3" %%a in ('%bcdedit% /store %BCD-File% /create /d "%D%" /application osloader') do set guidd=%%c[/b] Lines, i've modded them to : for /f "[i][b]tokens=2[/b][/i]" %%a in ('%bcdedit% /store %BCD-File% /create /d "%D%" /application osloader') do set guidd=[b]%%[i]a[/i][/b] I'm using a french bcdedit version
  4. Windows XP SP2c OEM

    I use IE7 so ... but thanks for the advice
  5. Windows XP SP2c OEM

    Hi all i just got the latest OEM Build of XP PRO it includes an hotfix in the SVCPACK Folder : KB911164.EXE If you place it in your HF folder naming it WindowsXP-KB911164.EXE HFSlip takes are of it it updates those files iepeers.dll mshtml.dll urlmon.dll spru040c.dll browseui.dll shlwapi.dll shdocvw.dll edit: Old hotfix used with IE6 so... don't bother SP2c works without issue
  6. Does HFSLIP Support Windows Home Server ?

    Thanks i'll try this a soon as possible
  7. Does HFSLIP Support Windows Home Server ?

    Heres the DVD layout : \ |-\boot\ |-\boot\bcd |-\boot\boot.sdi |-\boot\bootfix.bin |-\boot\etfsboot.com |-\boot\fonts\ |-\boot\fonts\ some ttf files |-\FILES\ |-\FILES\DOCS |-\FILES\Install |-\FILES\Install\i\pictures used by html files fro the -\FILES\Install folder |-\REDISTR\MakeCert.exe |-\REDISTR\WindowsDesktopSearch-KB917013-V301-Srv2K3-x86-enu.exe |-\REDISTR\WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe |-\REDISTR\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe |-\REDISTR\dotnetchk.exe |-\REDISTR\dotnetfx.exe -> IExpress package for .net v2.0.50727 |-\sources\ |-\sources\boot.wim |-\SVR_2003\ folder containing 2003 "root" SVR Files (win51, win51il, win51il.sp2) |-\SVR_2003\i386 |-\SVR_2003\printers |-\SVR_2003\support |-\WHS\ containing specific WHS files, copied during setup to hard drive |-\windows\system32\ |-\windows\system32\qs.exe <- WHS GUI setup |-\windows\system32\winpeshl.ini <- containing a [LanchApp] section pointing to qs.exe above There's an SP2.cab & SP2.CAT in the |-\SVR_2003\i386 folder Not CAT Files included in the KB.EXE, just _sfx_XXXXX._p files, _sfx_.dll, _sfx_manifest_ file containing no referecen to a cat file Each KB.EXE contains also an update folder + an update.ver file let me know if you want something else
  8. HFSLIP 1.6.2 & MCE 2005

    Thanks for the advice -> just to say, if i remove KB912024 from the HF folder and integrate it via /integrate or via a silent installer it works without issue on the Hfslipped source;)
  9. Hi all, just wondering if HFSLIP can support this specific version of Windows Server. It's a 2003 server SP2 source with some files in SVR_2003\i386\svcpack : KB936598-v2.CAT KB936598-v2.EXE KB937108-v2.CAT KB937108-v2.EXE KB937153-v2.CAT KB937153-v2.EXE KB937253-v2.CAT KB937253-v2.EXE here's the content of the svcpack.inf stored as svcpack.in_: [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=2 BuildNumber=3790 [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\svcpack" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] KB937108-v2.CAT KB936598-v2.CAT KB937253-v2.CAT KB937153-v2.CAT [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB937108-v2.exe -u -z -q KB936598-v2.exe -u -z -q KB937253-v2.exe -u -z -q KB937153-v2.exe -u -z -q
  10. HFSLIP 1.6.2 & MCE 2005

    I'm using KB913800 because if on my hfslip folder i use all the hotfixes present in my hfslip.log exepct this one, ms update show me this hotfix isn't installed. Running 70821a atm, thanks Edit : I've re-run 70821a without KB913800, not more complain about EasyCDBlock.inf, after a sysprep, ms update doesn't complain about missing KB913800 But it still shows KB912024 as not installed. thanks for the real time support ^^
  11. HFSLIP 1.6.2 & MCE 2005

    Thanks, if you want me to test things, just ask me For the inf error, any idea ? thanks again for the great work and the support edit: typo
  12. HFSLIP 1.6.2 & MCE 2005

    Hi all, I'm using the latest stable version to build XP PRO and HOME ISOs sucessfully with all hotfixes included (Ms Update says no critical and no recommanded update are missing) But with an MCE 2005 source, i've included all specific MCE2005 updates, including WindowsXP-KB912024-v2-x86-FRA.exe but ms update says it's missing. KB912024.CAT is present in SOURCESS\SVCPACK and listed in SVCPACK.INF. Edit : after using sysprep, I've got an error " Advanced INF Install" Unable to find C:\Windows\INF\EasyCDBlock.inf. it seems HFLSIP renames it to ezcdblck.inf here's my hfslip.log and WU1.TXT. Any help appreciated HFSLIP.zip
  13. HFSLIP: Alternate input folders

    Hi, while we are on the Alternate input folders subject, is use the following HFSLIP structure : A root hfslip folder. 3 sources folder (XP PRO, XP HOME, XP MCE) and for each source i use different files in HFSVCPACK, HFGUIRUNONCE, FIX, HFCABS, and different parameter in HFANSWER.INI (basicly ISONAME and ISOTITLE and INSTALLRC) I actually use to run a batch file that : rename my source folder (for example "XP_PRO") to "SOURCE", modifies the content of HFANSWER.INI. and run HFSLIP usign the altdir feature It will be great if the Alternate input folders fonction in hfslip authorize to use different sources, HFCLEANUP, and hfanwer.ini as it already authorize FIX, HFSVCPACK, HFSVCPACK_SW, HFEXPERT and HFGUIRUNONCE folders. If you add for example a "Source=" parameter in HFANSWER.ini and permit hfslip to read an ALTDIR1\HFANSWEROVVERIDE.INI if "ALTDIR1" is typed at the prompt this can allow hflsip to read/override defaut HFANSWER.ini parameter for that special ALTDIR folder. At the prompt we can so type ALDIR1 SOURCE1 for example to use thoses source and alt folders. let me know if you wan me to test anything and thanks again for that great script !
  14. WMP 11 integration lacks wmp11.inf

    Hello, the workaround i found is to create an SFX and place it in \HFSVCPACK: it contains 2 files : wmp11.inf wmp11.PNF witch can be found in %windir%\INF on a system with WMP11 already installed. below is the Winrar-SFX parameters i use for this file: Path=%WINDIR%\INF SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 this way, it includes the missing files in windows\inf, and after the sysprep, WMP11 no more complains about the inf file let me know if you want my sfx file btw, the same issue existed with WMP10
  15. Enabling Microsoft Update by default

    Good news, I remove this tweak from my reg file so