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  1. Here's mine
  2. First time here.... Here is my Acer Laptop CPU undercloacked to preserve batt So what do you guys think???
  3. the blue screen is with some memorry values........
  4. i got an acer aspire 1511LMi and when i try install Longhorn 4074 i get Blue screen :-( ........ i put the dvd in i run begins loading eviroment for install and i get blue screen :-( what can i do.........
  5. no i am not refering to renewing ip......... i am talking about auto-refreshing the connections because for an example when i start the computer it remains at getting ip from dhcp when in fact he got the ip but it doesnt refresh the connection for it to disaper (sorry for my bad english)
  6. i was wandering is there a way to put auto-refresh in network connections??? pleaseeeeeeeeee help